For Health Care Professionals: 877-296-9049

Who is eligible?

Wisconsin health care providers treating women of childbearing age with behavioral health conditions or concerns are encouraged to enroll in The Periscope Project.

Enrolled providers have access to a perinatal psychiatrist via the provider line.

Eligibility requirements

  • Health care provider with a National Provider Identifier (NPI)
  • Currently practicing in Wisconsin
  • Treating pregnant and postpartum patients

Examples of the type providers eligible for enrollment: obstetrics/gynecology, family practice, psychologist, pediatrics, internal medicine, psychiatry, therapist, advance practice nurses, physician assistants, midwives, behavioral health clinicians

Health care professionals treating pregnant and postpartum women in Wisconsin without an NPI are welcome to call the provider line for community resource information.

Why enroll?

Enrollment in the Periscope Project provides important end-user data for us to demonstrate how our services assist health care providers in managing care for their pregnant and postpartum patients. Collecting basic provider demographic information aids in our understanding of the types of providers using the service, what services are in most demand as well as the usefulness of our services to providers. Enrollment information also can be used to help guide on-going quality improvement efforts to ensure our services are meeting our community of provider’s needs. Once enrolled, your subsequent calls to the Periscope Project will be processed more quickly as we will be able to access your provider information already obtained in the enrollment process.

How to enroll?

We encourage health care providers to pre-enroll to ensure a quick and easy experience the first time you call The Periscope Project. Providers can enroll online at any time. After completing the enrollment form, your enrollment must be verified by The Periscope Project staff.

Not enrolled, but need assistance with a patient?

Feel free to call the Provider Line – you will be asked questions to verify your eligibility before being connected to the perinatal psychiatrist. Make sure to complete the enrollment form within 48 hours of your first call.